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Win The Lottery Album

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Do you dream of winning the lottery?
Do you play the lottery regular but get inconsistent results?

This album was made with specific subliminal messages to focus you on winning the lottery and align your mind for lottery success.

The album works to:

Open your mind and align you with the universal consciousness. This will increase your intuition to pick winning numbers and allow numbers to come naturally to you.

Focus you on winning the lottery and plant the thoughts in your mind that you have already won. This will give you a basic foundation of belief that you can and will win the lottery.

Using the principles of the law of attraction, this album works like our main law of attraction album, except all the affirmations are specifically designed to attract a lottery win to you. Whatever you can create within your mind, you can make a reality!

There is no guarantee that you will win the lottery after just listening to this album once. What this album will do is align your subconscious mind and thoughts for success on the lottery and give you the best possible chance of winning.

This Album contains 3 tracks plus a bonus Silent track that you can listen to anytime and anywhere!

Some of the Affirmations in this album include:

I will win the lottery
I am going to win the lottery and live the life of my dreams
Sensing lucky numbers is becoming easier
Each day I attract more luck into my life
I will become totally focused on winning the lottery
I am beginning to feel deeply that I will win the lottery
My mind is becoming more attuned to the reality of winning the lottery
My belief in a lottery win is growing stronger
I will use positive thinking and belief to easily pick winning numbers
I will use my intuition to choose winning lottery numbers
I believe deeply that I can win the lottery
My mind is in sync with the force of universal luck
I am destined to win huge amounts of money
I always choose winning numbers
I am extremely lucky
I am a natural born lottery winner
I am visualizing myself winning the lottery
I naturally attract luck and money
My mind is totally focused on picking winning lottery numbers

Disclaimer: Never listen to our albums while driving, or operating heavy machinery, or doing any activity where your attention is requited elsewhere for safety reasons.

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