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Are you unlucky?
Do you always seem to miss out on things?
Do you never win anything?
Do you envy other people who are lucky and get unique opportunities in life?
Do you notice that for some people luck seems to follow them around?

You probably know someone who seems to have good fortune in everything they do.

Good luck is a state of mind. You can become lucky too if you change the way your mind works, and the way you think of things. You can be in "the right place at the right time" with help from these subliminal messages.

This album works to help you attract luck and become luckier in all areas of you life. It works by principles of the law of attraction by focusing your mind and thoughts upon becoming lucky. It will bring you good luck in everyday life, and as you notice more new and exciting opportunities, you will find yourself in that right place at the right time more and more.

You will also become more positive and see how you have been fortunate and lucky. When you start thinking how lucky you have been, you will attract good luck and fortune to you.

This Album contains 3 tracks plus a bonus Silent track that you can listen to anytime and anywhere!

Some of the Affirmations in this album include:

I am getting luckier
I am noticing that I feel lucky all the time
I am becoming a very lucky person
I will always think positively
I am transforming into someone who is always lucky
Each day I attract more good fortune into my life
Luck is starting to flow into my life
With each day I become more thankful for all the luck and good fortune in my life
I will always be lucky
Feeling lucky is becoming easier and more natural
I am lucky
I attract good luck into my life
Others see me as a very lucky person
Positive things always happen to me
I always think positively
I am full of gratitude for all my good fortune
I am the luckiest person alive
I am a naturally lucky person
Good fortune always comes my way
I am thankful for the abundance in my life
I am attracting good luck into my life

Disclaimer: Never listen to our albums while driving, or operating heavy machinery, or doing any activity where your attention is requited elsewhere for safety reasons.

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