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Migraine Headache Treatment Album

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Do you suffer from frequent or painful migraines and headaches?
Do you suffer from aches, pains, nausea, or vision problems during your headaches?
Do your headaches have a large impact on your quality of life, or stop you from doing normal day to day activities?

This Album contains 3 tracks plus a bonus Silent track that you can listen to anytime and anywhere!

Your headaches and migraines do not have to control your life!

This subliminal mp3 is designed to alleviate, and reduce the amount of headaches & migraines you have, and to help to stop them from coming back. It works by targeting you subconscious mind to alleviate the pain, and to eliminate the causes of your painful headaches and migraines.

You can subliminally learn to tune the pain out. By using the power of subliminal programming to alleviate the pain, you can turn your mind into a natural painkiller.

This album will subliminally reprogram your mind to relax your body, reduce tensions and improve your circulation, which is the main cause of headaches.

This album will help you avoid getting headaches & migraines in the first place by rewiring your body's natural reaction to create a headache.

Some of the Affirmations in the album include:

I will become completely free from migraines
I will release any and all shoulder tension
Relaxing my neck muscles is becoming easier
I am starting to let go of all the tension in my body
I am gaining control over my migraines
I will head off a migraine before it even starts
I will remain calm even if I feel a migraine approaching
I am finding it easier to live a stress free life
I will take control of my health
I am transforming into someone with perfect head and neck posture
I trust the natural flow of life
I relax into the flow of life and let life provide all that I need easily and comfortably
Life is for me
I am free from migraines
I am relaxed and calm
My neck is relaxed
My shoulders are free from tension
The muscles of my head and neck are completely relaxed
I am calm and at peace
I am in control of my migraine
All of my muscles are relaxing and releasing

Medical Disclaimer: Use this album only after consulting with your doctor, and please be aware that it is not a replacement for real medical advice or professional medical treatment. It is a simple tool which will help to relax you, and help to relieve your stress, and alleviate your pain through simple, natural subliminal messages. It is not a miracle solution.

Disclaimer: Never listen to our albums while driving, or operating heavy machinery, or doing any activity where your attention is requited elsewhere for safety reasons.

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